Integrated Vehicle Based Safety Systems (14 unique lessons found)

Design blind spot warning systems to minimize false alarms.
Promising technologies for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in North Carolina.

Understand the Impacts on Public Sector Infrastructure due to Connected Vehicle Deployments
A survey of lessons learned through deployment of V2I test beds

Deploy side object detection systems for transit buses that have proven effectiveness in transit operating environments and been accepted by transit operators.
Experiences from the installation of Side Object Detection Systems on transit buses in Ohio, Utah and Washington, D.C.

Keep technical solutions open-ended in the early stages of an ITS research project, and follow a research oriented contract vehicle.
Experience from the New York Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS) Implementation and Integration Project

Evaluate the safety potential of the of Adaptive Driver Assistance (ADA) systems and assess driver behavior associated with these technologies
Dutch researchers evaluated Advanced Driver Assistance (ADA) technologies to improve driver behavior and the safety of vehicles on through-roads and at intersections

Incorporate proven technologies and false alarm reduction strategies in the design of future Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems (ACAS).
Experience from a Field Operational Test (FOT) in Michigan to evaluate an Automotive Rear-End Collision Avoidance System.

Include driver age, time of day, and intersection characteristics in the design of red light violation algorithms and warning systems, and their field operational tests.
Knowledge gained from an analysis of four years of red light violation data gathered from 11 signalized intersections in Sacramento, California

Ensure that ITS field operations tests use technologies and applications that are proven to be deployment ready.
Experience with a Field Operational Test for the Intelligent Vehicle Initiative in Minnesota

Maximize Field Operational Test (FOT) success by creating a sound experimental design and data acquisition plan.
Experience from a Field Operational Test (FOT) in Michigan to evaluate a Roll Advisor and Control (RA&C) system for commercial vehicles.